Positive Mind, Positive Life

Hello my darlings,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. Jacob and I got to see some family from out of town, go to an amazing concert, and of course, work out! Now, the concert that I said we went to, was seriously something we have been waiting for since the tour was announced! We got to rock out to one of our favorite bands, and seriously the night could not have ended better. I’ve posted some pictures throughout the page, so you can at least see who writes these posts 😉 So, I would say that our weekend was wonderful. Let me know how you’re weekend went in the comments below!

Now, let’s get into today’s topic! It’s all about having a positive mind! I like to think that I am a very positive person, but sometimes everyone just gets into those ruts.. No one wants to be there, but it happens. Anything can trigger it, a bad day at work, a fight with a loved one, etc.. And once you’re in that mindset, it takes everything you can to turn it around.

It ends up being a snowball effect, it’s just one thing after another. It not only affects yourself, but it also affects the people around you. Everyone is guilty of it, so don’t feel like you’re the only one going through it, because you’re really not. Talk about it with your loved ones, tell someone how you’re feeling, because it could be your start to a healthy mind. Who knows, maybe what you’re going through, is exactly what someone else is going through.

My excuse is when I get home from work, I’m beat and I’d rather not do anything (aside from a hot date with my couch). It’s so hard to get out of that routine, because it is true, having a full time job can really take a toll on some people. You just want to be home, and be done. But, this leads me into wanting to just order in food (and I don’t have any healthy options by me), not go workout, I barely want to take my makeup off.. it gets really bad. But all it takes is consistency. If you get into the mindset where making dinner, working out, cleaning up after yourself is just another part of your day, it becomes so much easier. Getting yourself into a healthy mindset can be quite hard, but there are so many things that can help you. For example, here is a picture of my cat in bow tie, he does not look too happy, but I thought it would put a smile on your face!

There are so many benefits of being positive, use that positive energy to better yourself. Take all of that negative energy, and throw it away. You don’t want it, it’s trash 😉 Life is too short to be in a rut, be who you want to be. Build up that positive energy, and shoot for the stars, because what ever dreams you have are more than capable of reaching.

My best advice is to form a routine, like I said previously, and once it becomes just another part of your day, it will become a habit. And we want those healthy habits, because that’s what leads us into a positive mind, and a positive life.

Share with me your healthy habits below, or some healthy habits that you want to start! Let me know if you would like to see my healthy habit routine.

I hope you have a wonderful day, my darlings!

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