Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!

Hello my darlings,

Last week I ordered some shoes that I’ve been waiting to go on sale FOREVER. I need a really good pair of work shoes. Every pair of flats that I have gotten just get wrecked.. I honestly don’t know how. Maybe I just wear them too much? It looks like it’s just an excuse for me to get more shoes! 😉

Well anywhoosle, I just got them, and oh my goodness.. They are even cuter in person! I had no idea, but they’re suede too! Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because I LOVE suede! Bad, because this winter weather seems like it will never lighten up.. Oh, did I tell you?! THEY’RE PINK! I typically just wear nude colors, so this will give a little pop of color (even though they’re a nude pink…). The plus side is they’re super comfortable! My biggest pet peeve is when I get a pair of shoes that give you blisters, I know they’re ways to prevent that, but it’s always so nice when you get a pair of shoes that just feel right! I ordered another pair that was a super pretty silver color, but I got an email the other day saying they were out of stock. Sad day 😦 But, I’m so happy that these babies came in today! I know I’ll get a ton of great use out of these for such a great price!

Aside form the shoes, I had family come over today and my sister got me this cute jacket from Kohl’s! I put on my flats with the outfit when we were about to head out and BAM! Perfect for the weekend, and the weather we’re having. Take a peak below at the shoes and the jacket!!

Here’s a tip for the day: Get the Stoptagr app, believe me when I tell you it will save you so much money. The app allows you to view the items you want on your wishlist, and will alert you when you’re item has gone on sale. Hence, why I learned about these shoes going on sale, I think it’s such a great app to have, especially if you’re on something of a budget!

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  1. jtaylooor says:

    Might as well be a model (:


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