Pick Yourself Up

Hello my darlings!

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your weekI had such a hectic week last week! You know there are certain weeks that just get to you. Yeah, that was definitely my week – but enough about the negativity! Let’s talk about things that I do to pick myself up! I thought this would be a perfect post to write about to bring my week to a positive end.

Picking yourself up when you’ve had a hard day can be especially hard, and even more so when one bad thing happens after another. It doesn’t take a lot for me to get back into a positive mood, which I’m very thankful for. These are just some of the little things I do everyday to keep a smile on my face! (:

1. Coffee

When ever I’m having a bad day at work or just a bad day in general, I will grab a coffee from my favorite coffee shop. So many people can stand behind me when I say coffee can definitely lift your spirits up. I love to go to Dunkin Donuts on my way home from work when I’ve had a day, it always feels like a fresh start to the end of the day.

2. Online Shopping

This is actually something I did this past week. I was having such a bad day at work, and I could not pick myself up at all. That night before bed, I purchased some clothes from Loft.. maybe a lot of clothes. BUT, it made me in such a good mood! It actually made me more motivated for work the next day. Maybe I’ll do a half once my clothes come in πŸ™‚

3. Go on a date

Even if you’re single, ask your girlfriends to go on date! Nothing is better than surrounding yourself with positive people. Even if you just want to be somewhere by yourself, do it! Sometimes it’s nice to just get out. My close friends live about an hour away from me, so when I can’t get together with them, we have a FaceTime date and it’s just as nice.

4. Take a Bath

Ahh words cannot describe how relaxing it is to take a bath. Taking a nice hot bath with some bubbles and a bath bomb. Just thinking about it makes me want to take one right now. I go all out with baths. I mean like ALL OUT. I have candles all lit up all throughout the bathroom, a glass of wine on the ledge of the tub, a book close by, and music in the bathroom. I swear it looks like an intimate date with myself (please don’t take that the wrong way LOL).

5. Make Dinner

I absolutely love to cook, so maybe this might be not as appealing as other activities but it puts me in a better mood. Especially finding a new recipe on Pinterest. Anything I have made off of Pinterest, is SO tasty. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I go for the comfort meals like; casseroles, and crockpot meals. SO YUMMY.

6. Write in a Journal

There is nothing better than just pouring your bad day into a journal. You can write it down on paper, and it’s so nice to just to be able to get it off of your chest. Plus, what’s really nice about this is you can read all about your days at a later date. I have my journal from when I was 8, and at the time I thought my life was ending. Now I read it, and I’m seriously dying of laughter. It’s actually a nice memory to look back on.

7. Read

I absolutely love to read. I always go into my own little world and forget about everything else which will definitely bring my positivity up. I really want to start a book club ! I think that would be so much fun. Like start reading a book, and see if you guys are interested in joining me? I think that would be so nice. I’m reading a slow book right now that I just cannot get into, and I need a change of pace!

8. Watch your Favorite Show

Right now, and forever more my favorite TV show will be Gilmore Girls. I seriously cannot get enough of that show. Whenever I am in a bad mood, I seriously start from the start of the show. And of course, I have to finish it. It’s a problem that I have, and of course every time, I drag Jacob into. But, he doesn’t mind πŸ˜‰

9. Go on a Drive

Whenever I need to clear my head, I go on a drive. Even if it’s just home from work. I’ll blast my music, and just concentrate on the road. It’s something to concentrate on besides your bad day. And if the drive from work doesn’t do the trick, I’ll drive a little longer just so I don’t come home in a sour mood.

10. Work out

Again this is something that might seem like a pain, and is probably the last thing from your mind. But, working out can relieve a lot of stress hence losing that negativity. Putting that music in, and just releasing endorphins is a great way to bring back your positivity.

These are just some of the things that bring my mood up. And you know for a fact that I used all of these activities to boost my mood up. And it worked πŸ™‚ So, I hope your week has been great. And I hope you have an even better weekend.

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