Let’s Chat

Hello my darlings,

I thought I would do a get to know me post! I love reading these posts, and I feel like you really get to have a behind the scenes look at what makes me, well, me! Of course, we are all friends here and I would love to get to know you too! (So let me know something about you in the comments) (:

So, I thought I would give you guys a few facts about myself!

FACT # 1:

I love craft beer. A few years ago, I was truly introduced to my first craft beer and I absolutely fell in love. I always thought that beer just meant something like Bud Light or Miller High Life.. Something along those lines, oh how wrong I was… Since I started dating Jacob, we make it one of our missions to find cool breweries, and taste a bunch of different beer made locally. We are so lucky to have two wonderful breweries not too far from us! We just went to one this past weekend, and I fell in love with one of their beers called *drum roll* the Apex Predator. Oh my goodness, so delicious. I promise I’m not an alcoholic… I just enjoy my beer.

FACT # 2:

I am always smiling. I am one of those annoying people who never seem to be down. Now, don’t get me wrong.. I definitely have bad days, but I’m all about keeping a positive mind and just positive energy in general. No one wants to be around a negative Nancy, and you shouldn’t have to! I believe in surrounding yourself with positive people, because that is where I get my motivation and drive to become a better me.

FACT # 3:

I LOVE TO BAKE. As much as I love to eat healthy, and stay fit (which is a work in progress), my weakness is sweets… I mean, I seriously have no self control when it comes to anything sweet. After writing this blog, I’m actually going to the store to pick up some ingredients to make these Chocolate Pretzel Bars…my mouth is watering. I’m also an avid cooker, and one whose learning more and more about what they might call, “the secrets of the trade,” but that’s something that I’d like to share with you all in due time (:

FACT # 4

I love to explore. I don’t get to do this as much as I would like to, but I love to explore. Just anywhere. Mine and Jacob’s weekends consist of driving somewhere that we haven’t been before and just discovering the town. Now, this will broaden once Jacob graduates, and we have the income to travel more. But for now, we just like going to little towns and finding the little gems that hide away. Whether is be a giant State Park, or a little restaurant that we find amazing food. Any recommendations would be amazing! This weekend we will take some pictures to share on some upcoming posts.

FACT # 5

I am a sucker for scary movies. I absolutely LOVE scary movies. Whenever we have a rainy day off and there isn’t much to do, Jacob and I will binge on awful scary movies on Netflix. I could sit all day just watching them, and to be honest it’s hard to find ones that scare me now.. Jacob is a different story. He will usually pace the room back and forth whenever we turn one on. πŸ˜‰

Well, I hope you enjoyed these little facts about me. As time goes on, I will be sharing so much more of my life with you guys. But, I felt this would be a great way to connect with one another.

I can’t wait to talk in my next post.

Have a wonderful week, my darlings!


Positive Mind, Positive Life

Hello my darlings,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. Jacob and I got to see some family from out of town, go to an amazing concert, and of course, work out! Now, the concert that I said we went to, was seriously something we have been waiting for since the tour was announced! We got to rock out to one of our favorite bands, and seriously the night could not have ended better. I’ve posted some pictures throughout the page, so you can at least see who writes these posts πŸ˜‰ So, I would say that our weekend was wonderful. Let me know how you’re weekend went in the comments below!

Now, let’s get into today’s topic! It’s all about having a positive mind! I like to think that I am a very positive person, but sometimes everyone just gets into those ruts.. No one wants to be there, but it happens. Anything can trigger it, a bad day at work, a fight with a loved one, etc.. And once you’re in that mindset, it takes everything you can to turn it around.

It ends up being a snowball effect, it’s just one thing after another. It not only affects yourself, but it also affects the people around you. Everyone is guilty of it, so don’t feel like you’re the only one going through it, because you’re really not. Talk about it with your loved ones, tell someone how you’re feeling, because it could be your start to a healthy mind. Who knows, maybe what you’re going through, is exactly what someone else is going through.

My excuse is when I get home from work, I’m beat and I’d rather not do anything (aside from a hot date with my couch). It’s so hard to get out of that routine, because it is true, having a full time job can really take a toll on some people. You just want to be home, and be done. But, this leads me into wanting to just order in food (and I don’t have any healthy options by me), not go workout, I barely want to take my makeup off.. it gets really bad. But all it takes is consistency. If you get into the mindset where making dinner, working out, cleaning up after yourself is just another part of your day, it becomes so much easier. Getting yourself into a healthy mindset can be quite hard, but there are so many things that can help you. For example, here is a picture of my cat in bow tie, he does not look too happy, but I thought it would put a smile on your face!

There are so many benefits of being positive, use that positive energy to better yourself. Take all of that negative energy, and throw it away. You don’t want it, it’s trash πŸ˜‰ Life is too short to be in a rut, be who you want to be. Build up that positive energy, and shoot for the stars, because what ever dreams you have are more than capable of reaching.

My best advice is to form a routine, like I said previously, and once it becomes just another part of your day, it will become a habit. And we want those healthy habits, because that’s what leads us into a positive mind, and a positive life.

Share with me your healthy habits below, or some healthy habits that you want to start! Let me know if you would like to see my healthy habit routine.

I hope you have a wonderful day, my darlings!


Simply Healthy Tips

Hello everyone!

Welcome Simply Eileen, this is a blog where I want to share my daily insight about a healthy lifestyle, makeup, fashion, and anything that I can think of to make your day a little bit better! Does anyone ever tell themselves that they want a healthy lifestyle, but you get so tempted by the temptations around you? SAME HERE! I don’t know how many times I have told myself, “Yep, today is the day that I will start!” Then, you go to the office, and there is a box of donuts in the break room… So, I completely understand where it becomes such a challenge.

BUT HAVE NO FEAR, I’m here to help you try and avoid these little temptations. πŸ™‚ There are so many little tricks and tips that I would like to share with you all, on our little adventure! So, let begin!


My Plate is a wonderful app, that was recommended to me by a friend. This is an app that you can use to document what you have been eating throughout the day! Which could be a good thing, or maybe sometimes a bad thing… It keeps track of your calorie intake, while giving you an easy to read layout of what nutrients you’re getting. This app really helps, especially when you want to eat something bad! I always think to myself, “Well, if I want to eat it then I’ll have to track it..” And lets face it, who wants to track something that really isn’t beneficial to themselves! So, in that way alone it saves me the time and the calories. πŸ˜‰


This tip really goes hand in hand with the app above. I know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but meal prep is going to be your best friend. Not only will you have your lunches packed for the entire week, but it does not take that long to make (and you’re not scrambling for food!). I feel that a huge misconception when it comes to meal prepping is you will be eating the same thing over and over again. That may be true to an extent, but you can have a lot of fun with it! There are a lot of different recipes that are healthy for you, that you won’t get sick of chicken, rice, and veggies! Like please, we need some pizzazz to our meals here. I have a great recipe that I could eat day in and day out which I will share with you guys on my next blog post!


My final tip for today is staying active. In order for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to stay active. I’m not telling you that you need to spend 2 hours in the gym to be active. But, going out for a 15 minute workout, or taking a 10 minute walk can surely do the trick. Yesterday, I was so determined to work out, but I had a lot of errands to run. Fortunately for me, I put a good walk at the mall! It was so great to feel the burn in my legs, but not so great for my bank account.. Little things you do everyday keep you active, so just keep that positive outlook!

Well, those are my little tips for today! But, I will go into further detail in my future posts. I hope this gives you a little inspiration to keep a healthy lifestyle and I cannot wait to see how far we can go!

If you guys would like to keep following me, I will post every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I cannot wait to get to know all of you, and to let this adventure begin! Let me know in the comments your tips for a healthier you! I can’t wait to hear them!

Have a wonderful Sunday, my darlings!